Ingrid K. Loeffler, DVM, PhD, MRCVS 

Dr. Pamela Graves

Dr. Loeffler (“Kati”) brings twenty years of experience working in developing areas of the world with domestic animals and wildlife. This began with her work as research veterinarian with the Smithsonian Institution, then as on-site veterinarian with the Animals Asia Foundation at that organization’s bile-bear rescue center in China, followed by fourteen years with the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Prior to this, she worked as laboratory research scientist (environmental toxicology, University of Wisconsin), school teacher in the rural Mississippi Delta, and writer. 

In her veterinary and animal welfare work around the world, Dr. Loeffler works from the deeply-rooted principle of One-Welfare: the interconnected well-being of humans and animals in households, communities, and globally. She now leads the Kalamazoo Humane Society’s veterinary team as Medical Director to promote the organization’s unique vision for veterinary health and community welfare across all cultures and socioeconomic strata.

Dr. Loeffler’s broad interests include the anthropological work of her parents, which has led to publication of a photographic ethnography of tribal pastoralists in the Middle East, co-authored with her father (publication due autumn 2021). Dr. Loeffler speaks German and several animal languages, and is forever trying to become fluent in Spanish.

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