Bulldogs and Pugs Are Cute, But New Campaign Warns of Health Risks

Source: care2.com

(June 5, 2019) Every time I open Instagram or walk down the street, I seem to see a pug, bulldog or similar brachycephalic (flat-faced) dog breed. And the internet has its fair share of brachycephalic feline stars, too. A lot of people think these animals are cute. And sometimes they cite the very things that make brachycephaly so dangerous as evidence of cuteness, rather than disease and stress created by overbreeding. But the Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association is trying to bite back with its “Cost of Cuteness” campaign. It stresses that these animals may look winsome, but they come with serious, sometimes life-threatening health problems...Read more»


Short faces; long medical bills

Source: All Animals

(June 1, 2019) In her last year of college, Michelle Riley had professional goals and one big personal one: Get a dog.  An online test told her that, breed-wise, a pug would be a good match for her lifestyle. What the best-breed-for-you test didn’t tell her was that her new pooches would be prone to a host of health conditions, many of them directly related to the exact quality that makes them so appealing to so many people: their comical, smushed-looking faces...Read more»


College Announces Creation of Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care Clinic

Source: osu.edu

(May 31, 2019) The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine announced the creation of the Frank Stanton Veterinary Spectrum of Care (SOC) Clinic on its Columbus campus, funded by a gift from the Stanton Foundation. In this new facility, students will gain experience providing a spectrum of care to pets presented by clients from a wide array of socioeconomic backgrounds...Read more»


Reflections From a House Call Veterinarian

Source: Petinsider

(May 2019) Early on in my veterinary career, a house call practice was the furthest thing from my mind. I was planning to be a specialist and I was going to work in a referral hospital with the latest high tech equipment and support staff. Little did I know, my extensive post-graduate training was preparing me for a wild ride as a specialist, but not a mainstream specialist that would be certified by a battery of tests and other requirements. Instead, within only a few years of working in veterinary hospitals, on-call beeper on my belt, I found myself driving around from house to house in a white VW Jetta filled with veterinary supplies...Read more»


Pet Insurance Can Be Your Wallet's Best Friend

Source: nerdwallet.com

(May 7, 2019) Most dog owners don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around to cover surgery or cancer treatment. That’s where pet insurance comes in. Policies typically reimburse 70% to 90% of covered costs related to illness and injury. Here’s what you need to know and what you should look for when shopping for a pet policy...Read more»


Horse Deaths Are Threatening the Racing Industry. Is the Sport Obsolete?

Source: The New York Times

(April 29, 2019) Horses have been dying in high numbers at a premier track and while nobody knows exactly why, the treatment of the animals — before, during and after racing — is under the harshest scrutiny in years. A Kentucky family in the horse business for decades says action to address the health of the animals is overdue. The consequences of inaction could be catastrophic...Read more»


Death of Another Horse at Santa Anita Rocks the Racing Industry

Source: The New York Times

(April 1, 2019) Horse racing is among America’s oldest sports and perhaps the only one ever run out of the White House: Andrew Jackson operated a stable there during his presidency. Yet the multibillion-dollar industry is reeling as the Kentucky Derby approaches, with the death of yet another thoroughbred at the premier Santa Anita Park in California amplifying anxiety over whether the sport will continue in the state...Read more»


Are Eggs Bad for Your Heart Health? Maybe

Source: The New York Times

(March 15, 2019) A new analysis found that for each additional 300 milligrams a day of cholesterol in the diet — and the more eggs you ate — the greater the risk for cardiovascular disease. Some nutrition experts say eggs are good for you, even though they are high in cholesterol. Others are sure they are bad. A large new study may help resolve at least some of the confusion...Read more»

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