Modern zoos could be creating a new kind of animal: wild by nature, shaped by captivity

Source: The Washington Post

(July 26, 2012) The giant Pacific octopus at the National Zoo was spending time, as she occasionally does, draped in a dim corner of her tank like a wad of dishrags. The octopus, Pandora, has tentacles several feet long and is the size of a Thanksgiving turkey, and she often hangs out at the front of her tank, unscrolling around the glass...

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Veterinary practice manager is out of the LCSN closet

Source: DVM360

(July 24, 2012) In no fewer than three previous blog posts (see, I've made the claim that I'm not a low cost spay-neuter (LCSN) activist. Instead I simply argued for the inclusion of those options when veterinarians feel it is appropriate. However, I may have to reconsider whether or not I'm really a "closet" activist in this area...

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Alaska animal care standards plan draws mixed response in Fairbanks

Source: Fairbanks Daily News - Miner

(July 19, 2012) Proposed new minimum animal care standards were met with mixed feelings during a public hearing in Fairbanks on Wednesday night. Assistant State Veterinarian Jay Fuller took testimony from people ranging from small suggested changes, heart-breaking stories of animal cruelty and impassioned speeches against government regulation...

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At Senate Hearing, Calls for Strict Discipline on Doping in Horses

Source: The New York Times

(July 12, 2012) WASHINGTON — Eight prominent members of the racing industry, including a track owner and a veterinarian, told a Senate committee Thursday that horse trainers should be barred for life if they are found even once to have used potent performance-enhancing drugs like dermorphin, a frog secretion recently found in racehorses in several states...

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Performing an ovariectomy in dogs and cats

Source: DVM360

(Jun 1, 2012) Have you considered performing an ovariectomy in place of an ovariohysterectomy? If you are hesitant to perform this surgery, here is a straightforward how-to so you can add this technique to your clinical toolbox...

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Hospice Care for Pets

Source: Spot Speaks blog

(July 8, 2012) Over the years I’ve counseled many thousands of clients as they’ve struggled with end-of-life decision making for their pets. For many of those years, clients who expressed opposition to humane euthanasia for moral, philosophical, emotional, or religious reasons created quite a conundrum for me: my professional obligation to ease patient suffering seemed incompatible with their convictions...

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Animals and Grief

Source: petMD

Whenever I talk to owners about the death of a pet, I always bring up the topic of grieving and mourning as it applies to other animals in the household. Yes, pets do grieve. We are witnessing it in our own house right now...

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Dogs May Mourn as Deeply as Humans Do

Source: U.S. News

FRIDAY, July 6 (HealthDay News) -- Jon Tumilson's dog, Hawkeye, was an important part of his life.

And, as it turns out, Tumilson was an important part of Hawkeye's life.

After the Navy SEAL was killed in Afghanistan last summer, more than a thousand friends and family attended the funeral in Rockford, Iowa, including his "son" Hawkeye, a black Labrador retriever who, with a heavy sigh, lay down in front of Tumilson's flag-draped casket. There, the loyal dog stayed for the entire service...

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