Excellence in Exotics: Enriching the Lives of Small Exotic Pet Mammals

Source: VetLearn

(November 21, 2012) All too often, clients ignore the concepts of environmental enrichment, socialization, and exercise for their small exotic pet mammals. Sometimes, these pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, gerbils, and rats, live most of their lives in cages or tanks with little regard given to their mental and physical stimulation. With poor husbandry and inappropriate diets, animals become obese, lazy, and less likely to interact and provide pleasure as pets. It is also well known that constant confinement can lead to stress, as well as certain otherwise avoidable behavioral and health problems...

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Sutter County Animal Shelter teams with veterinary school

Source: Appeal Democrat

(November 15, 2012) A new arrangement between the Sutter County Animal Shelter and UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine soon will help make dozens of homeless animals more adoptable by sending them to the campus for minor surgery...

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Should people be allowed to devocalize their pets?

Source: CBS News

(November 12, 2012) When Sue Perry adopted her dog Porter two and a half years ago from a rescue group, she noticed he had a hoarse, raspy bark. Her veterinarian confirmed the dog had been devocalized.

"He really has trouble breathing even on a very short walk, and he coughs," Perry told CBSNews.com. "Before I really knew anything about this, they thought he had kennel cough. He gags so I have to monitor him closely when he is eating his food, and I have to water it down."...

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Veterinary clinics cope with Hurricane Sandy's aftermath

Source: DVM360

(October 30, 2012) Phone calls up and down the Atlantic seaboard went unanswered Tuesday morning. Some stalled in an eerie quiet before a spiritless automated voice warned that circuits were busy. Others sounded the harsh alarm of a busy tone. Worse still were the oblivious out-of-office messages that cheerfully recited operations as usual, as if unaware of the destruction Hurricane Sandy was leaving in her wake...

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Texas A&M veterinary students put to test in simulated emergency

Source: theeagle.com

(November 4, 2012) The course was emergency disaster preparedness, the pupils were fourth-year veterinary students at Texas A&M University. The group was working alongside various professionals developing a new awareness of the role of the veterinarian in the community and the skills necessary to be a qualified emergency responder. Angela Clendenin, director of communications and ...

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Vet comes up with a purr-fect eye-dea

Source: Philly.com

(September 27, 2012) I JUST LEARNED about the most ingenious recycling idea. It saves lives, reduces waste and appears to be easily replicable in other cities besides Philly, where it's kicking off this week

Did I mention that it features babies and kittens? So it's also the most "adorable" reuse program in the city. Not that that's important, but it's a fun bonus when you're talking about something as workaday as recycling...

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Molly’s Bill Exempts Some Dogs from Rabies Vaccination

Source: PetMD

(September 25, 2012) I feel compelled to praise the California government for making vaccination an individual decision undertaken as a collaboration between pet owners and veterinarians. This is a victory for our canine companions, as circumstances exist where a vaccination can induce illness and can be a contributing cause of death...

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Racing Economics Collide With Veterinarians’ Oath

Source: The New York Times

(September 21, 2012) Only after Bourbon Bandit broke a leg racing last November did his owner, Susan Kayne, learn the full extent of prescription drugs that veterinarians had given him at Belmont Park on Long Island.

Until then, Ms. Kayne had believed that Bourbon Bandit was “sound and healthy,” because that is what her trainer told her, she said. But new veterinary bills arrived, showing that the horse had been treated regularly with clenbuterol, a widely abused medication for breathing problems that can build muscle by mimicking anabolic steroids...

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