USDA wants dog breeder accreditation

Source: JAVMA News

(April 1, 2015) The Department of Agriculture is supporting an effort to create dog care standards that could eventually lead to development of a privately operated dog breeder accreditation program.

Animal advocates think such a program could help reduce animal suffering...

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SPECIAL REPORT-Vets face conflicting loyalties to animals, farmers - and drug firms

Source: Reuters

(December 23, 2014) In 2016, a new U.S. Food and Drug Administration policy will give veterinarians a key role in combating a surge in antibiotic-resistant "superbugs" that infect humans. For the first time, the agency will require veterinarians, not farmers, to decide whenever antibiotics used by people are given to animals...

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Ever wonder where your outdoor cat wanders?

Source: The Boston Globe

(March 23, 2015) “The cat is within 50 yards,” my companion, Vermont wildlife biologist Frosty Hammond, announced as he slowly swung what looked like a rooftop TV antenna in an arc, listening for a chirping sound. We were standing in a snowy driveway in Springfield, Vt. A few weeks earlier, Frosty had been tracking radio-collared black bears; I had been in India studying tigers. But the cat we were tracking together lived in the house at the end of the driveway: a 7-year-old, 14-pound black puffball named Darryl...

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Unmasking the shelter dog

Source: JAVMA News

(March 18, 2015) Black dogs don’t get adopted. Animals adopted to be given as gifts are usually returned. And dogs that engage in warning behaviors such as whale eye and food guarding should never be offered for adoption.

Behavioral scientists and shelter professionals are disproving many such myths while working toward a future where more animals are regarded as adoptable and fewer are euthanized. Researchers are also refuting certain assumptions about prospective and current owners that could be hampering adoption and retention...

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New Minnesota law puts lab cats, dogs up for adoption


(May 26, 2014) Minnesota on Tuesday became the first state to ensure that dogs and cats used in laboratory testing be offered for adoption.

Gov. Mark Dayton signed the Omnibus Supplemental Budget Bill containing the Beagle Freedom Law.

Authored by Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis, and Rep. John Lesh, DFL- St. Paul, the law facilitates a relationship between taxpayer-funded laboratories and educational institutions that use cats and dogs for research with nonprofit animal rescues...

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Veterinarians Get Funky in Alabama in Attempts to Outlaw Nonprofits

Source: Nonprofit Quarterly

(February 17, 2015) NPQ has previously covered the near-hysteria of two trade associations in Alabama that have organized to try to edge nonprofits out of their respective fields, dentistry and veterinary medicine. Their stated concern has to do with what they see as unfair competition from nonprofit and other low-cost clinics. In the case of the dentistry dust-up, the nonprofit Sarrell Clinic finally brought and won an antitrust lawsuit against the Alabama Dental Association. PBS made a documentary about the situation and NPQ’s Rick Cohen wrote a piece detailing the lessons to be derived for other nonprofits with similar issues...

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Price: How much is too much when it comes to your pet's health?

Source: Florida Today

(October 4, 2014) Pets present us with many philosophical questions. It doesn't help that they have faces so compelling and mannerisms so human-like, they can turn a human heart seemingly made of cinder block into the consistency of a strawberry smoothie...

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White House proposes more money to fight outbreaks

Source: The Hill

(February 2, 2015) The White House is proposing to increase funding to fight disease and prepare for outbreaks in the wake of the historic, ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

In its proposed 2016 budget, the Obama administration announced additional funds for domestic preparedness to "more effectively and efficiently respond to potential, future outbreaks here at home."...

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