Legislation helps ensure integrity, economic future of Thoroughbred racing

Source: Kentucky.com

(August 17, 2015) When I was elected to Congress, I dedicated my service to becoming a champion for the signature industries of Kentucky. No industry is more synonymous with our commonwealth than Thoroughbred breeding and horse racing, which has long been a source of jobs and opportunity for the people of Kentucky...

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Vets call for complete ban on wild animal acts in circuses across Europe

Source: Express

(August 5, 2015) VETS across Europe have called for an outright ban on lions and tigers performing in circuses.

It has call for: “All European and national competent authorities to prohibit the use of wild mammals in travelling circuses across Europe since there is by no means the possibility that their physiological, mental and social requirements can adequately be met.”...

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Commentary | THIA would help clean up horse racing

Source: The Courier-Journal

(August 3, 2015) American Pharoah recently became the first horse in 37 years to win the Triple Crown, before a roaring, record crowd at Belmont Park outside New York City. Many hoped the performance would give Thoroughbred racing the jump start it badly needs. Unfortunately, there is more to the story.

The positive press from a great horse’s rare achievement lasted about a week. Since then, the mainstream media’s general negativity about the American racing industry has resumed, most notably concerning legal and illegal drug usage on racehorses, or simply by ignoring the sport in its coverage. In the face of this atmosphere, I want to express my thanks to The Courier-Journal for its excellent coverage of the Thoroughbred Horseracing Integrity Act (THIA) of 2015, and to U.S. Reps. Andy Barr, R-Ky., and Paul Tonko, D-N.Y., co-chairmen of the Congressional Horse Caucus, who introduced the federal bipartisan bill on July 16...

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Dr. Jeff Young is Animal Planet's Newest Star in Rocky Mountain Vet

Source: Westword

(July 10, 2015) Dr. Jeffrey Young is a casting director’s dream. There’s the veterinarian’s look: long, greying hair, a thick mustache and kanji tattoos inked on his biceps, sculpted from years working as a track-and-field coach at North High.

Then there’s the fact that, a quarter-century into his practice, Young still isn’t shy about sharing his opinions. The owner of Highland’s Planned Pethood Plus clinic, Young has courted controversy his entire career, whether testifying opposite his own professors in the state senate over vet schools’ sourcing of animals from pounds, or laying into the profiteering he says exists in his own profession. “I hate to say it, but I find that vets either don’t necessarily know a diagnosis or what they’re doing, or they lie about it,” says Young. “And I don’t know which is worse. Are you that poorly trained, where you suggest a surgery that isn’t really necessary? Or is it just for the money?”..

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Vets Can Help Animals by Understanding Human Psychology

Source: Faunalytics

(July 10, 2015) The health and well-being of companion animals and the beliefs and behavior of their human caregivers are intimately linked. Human caregivers are responsible for providing adequate shelter, nutrition, water, exercise, and preventative health and safety measures for their pets. Caregivers are also integral in adhering to necessary veterinary regimens and participating in decisions regarding treatment options and end-of-life care. The extent to which veterinarians can provide high-quality care to their patients hinges upon how effectively human caregivers understand and cooperate with recommendations for health maintenance and acute and chronic care...

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Support legislation that helps Old MacDonald get the veterinary care his animals need

Source: AVMA

(July 2, 2015) All across the United States, there are rural communities that lack access to veterinary care. Farmers and ranchers depend on veterinarians for routine medical and emergency services that help prevent and monitor for diseases, protect our food supply, and promote the health and welfare of livestock. There is a bill in Congress that could help...

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Dogs & Peanut Butter dangers

Source: WBIR

(June 30, 2015) Dr. Angela Witzel, a veterinary nutritionist at UT College of Veterinary Medicine talks about the dangers of feeding your dogs peanut butter [and other foods] that [contain] Xylitol.

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AVMA Judicial Council to review complaints against Texas veterinarian accused of killing cat with bow and arrow

Source: AVMA

(April 20, 2015) On Friday, April 17, the image of a veterinarian posing with a cat she claimed to have shot with a bow and arrow quickly went viral and led to an outpouring of anger and disgust from around the world.

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) was equally appalled and disturbed by this image, and immediately took action to assess the situation while responding to individual complaints via social media and telephone. A special e-mail address, [email protected], has been established to gather complaints regarding this situation and forward to the AVMA Judicial Council, which investigates all matters concerning allegations of unethical conduct of veterinarians. The AVMA Judicial Council can take action up to, and including, dismissal from the AVMA in accordance with the AVMA’s Rules of Disciplinary Procedures...

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