Humane Animal Use/Alternatives: Alternatives Databases

This section highlights databases that are available on the Internet to search for alternatives to the harmful use of animals in science and education.

Bibliography on Alternatives to the Use of Live Vertebrates in Biomedical Research and Testing from the United States National Library of Medicine.

A global clearing house for information on alternatives to animal testing with multiple sponsors.

Animal Welfare Information Center
Provides information on methods and sources available to reduce, refine or replace animals used in teaching, testing, and research from the USDA National Agricultural Library.

Developed by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM). Provides access to citations from biomedical literature, access to full-text articles at journal Web sites and other related Web resources, and access and links to the other molecular biology resources.

NORINA (Norwegian Inventory of Audiovisuals)
Database containing information on over 3,800 audiovisual aids that may be used as alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in teaching and training, including dissection alternatives, at all levels from junior school to University.

Humane Education in Veterinary Medicine
This database provides a ready source of information, particularly for the student, so that he or she can easily get started exploring and applying this subject. There are a mixture of finite alternatives, evaluations of the effectiveness of many alternatives, major sources of alternatives (whether as a database or companies that produce the alternatives) and articles discussing practicalities, philosophy and ethics or moral principles. It is regularly updated.