Shooting holes in gun lobby’s dangerous addiction to lead ammo

Source: Medium

(February 17, 2017) It hardly came as a surprise that within days of President Trump taking office the National Rifle Association unloaded on the Obama administration’s science-based decision to begin the process of gradually getting the lead out of our most pristine refuges....Read more»


MSU College of Veterinary Medicine researchers complete canine shelter population survey

Source: Mississippi State University

(February 15, 2017) A recently completed study by two researchers in Mississippi State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine brings American animal shelter canine populations into sharper focus.....Read more»


USDA removed animal welfare reports from its site. A showhorse lawsuit may be why.

Source: Washington Post

(February 9, 2017) Three summers ago, Lee and Mike McGartland entered a horse named The Royal Dollar in the 74th annual Red Carpet Show of the South. A veterinary medical officer from the U.S. Department of Agriculture was there, too....Read more»


The Dog Factory: Inside the Sickening World of Puppy Mills

Source: Rolling Stone 

(January 3, 2017) An investigation into the underworld of America's overcrowded dog farms, the secret shame of the pet industry...Read more»


Appeals Court remands Toledo dog case

Source: The Blade 

(October 21, 2016) The 6th District Court of Appeals has taken a stand by placing a higher value on companion animals...Read more»


What Many Americans Don't Understand About Designer Dogs

Source: Washington Post 

(September 8, 2016) Dogs are born with ears and tails.  They should get to keep them... Read more»


What Does It Mean When A Goat Gazes Into Your Eyes?

Source: NPR

(July 8, 2016) When a goat gazes into your eyes, it may be issuing a silent plea for help. That's the suggestion from a new study of goats co-authored by Christian Nawroth, who researches animal cognition at Queen Mary University of London, published in Biology Letters... Read more»


Study: Over half of pet dogs and cats were overweight in 2015

Source: AVMA

(June 1, 2016) Approximately 58 percent of cats and 54 percent of dogs were overweight or obese in 2015, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. The association is calling on the veterinary industry to clearly define and classify pet obesity as a disease and to adopt a universal body condition scoring scale for assessing pet obesity... Read more»

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