Please don't make me go out there

Source: The New York Times

(February 1, 2018)  They are the cold-weather bane of city dog owners, dog walkers and the dogs themselves: the salt and chemical de-icers that are regularly sprinkled on the streets, sidewalks and crossways of New York when it snows.  Chemical de-icers — particularly those containing the antifreeze material known as ethylene glycol — pose, perhaps, the biggest threat: not only will a dog hold up its paws in pain and temporarily limp away, but the ingredients can also prove harmful should a dog accidentally ingest them. Salt is also dangerous...Read more»


Switzerland bans boiling lobsters alive

Source: CNN

(January 12, 2018) Lobsters are a delicious delicacy loved by coastal dwellers across the world -- but is boiling them alive inhumane? In a new law, the Swiss government has banned the common culinary practice of throwing the crustaceans into boiling water while they are still conscious. The move is a response to studies that suggest lobsters are sentient with advanced nervous systems that may feel pain...Read more»


Nutritional and greenhouse gas impacts of removing animals from US agriculture

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

(November 7, 2017) As a major contributor to agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, it has been suggested that reducing animal agriculture or consumption of animal-derived foods may reduce GHGs and enhance food security...Read more»


The ethics of enrichment

Source: DVM 360

(October 17, 2017) Keeping pets' pain and fear to a minimum is great-but it's not enough for a good quality of life.  Animals need an environment in which they can thrive and be happy.  And veterinarians are obligated to help make this happen...Read more»


The FBI's hunt for two missing piglets reveals the federal cover-up of barbaric factory farms

Source: The Intercept

(October 5, 2017) FBI agents are devoting substantial resources to a multistate hunt for two baby piglets that the bureau believes are named Lucy and Ethel...Read more»


Big Chicken: The incredible story of how antibiotics created modern agriculture and changed the way the world eats

Source: National Geographic

(August 18, 2017) Chicken is the world's most popular meat, but its path to our plates winds through a dark and fascinating history...Read more»


The link between animal abuse and murder

Source: The Atlantic

(August 31, 2017) A forensic veterinarian is on a mission to convince law enforcement that people who harm pets often commit other serious crimes...Read more»


How pets of Hurricane Harvey are benefiting from the lessons of Katrina

Source: Huffington Post

(September 5, 2017)  Hurricane Katrina was one of the most devastating natural disasters to strike the United States.  But it was also a transformative moment in our relationship with cats and dogs...Read more»

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